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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Clottey holds little fear of Pacquiao’s punching power

GRAPEVINE, Texas – Joshua Clottey holds little fear of Manny Pacquiao’s punching power. Fact is, the Ghanaian is willing to take a few hits just to feel what’s in store for him when they collide on March 13 (March 14, Manila time) at the Cowboys Stadium in Arlington City.

And if his punches don’t hurt, Clottey swears Pacquiao will be in trouble. He’ll go after Pacquiao and unleash a few that will surely rattle the pound-for-pound king and put his World Boxing Organization welterweight crown in jeopardy.

Pacquiao throws more than a thousand punches and I’ll block most of them,” said Clottey during Thursday’s press conference at the $1.2 billion facility. “I only throw a few, but those punches will land and those punches will hurt.”

Knowing that Pacquiao started fighting at 106 pounds, Clottey, a naturally big 147-pounder, feels he can impose his strength upon Pacquiao.

Claiming that he didn’t watch tapes of Pacquiao’s fights, Clottey said all that he knew was Pacquiao’s speed and footwork. Plus of course, the left hook and right hook.

“Apart from that, nothing,” said Clottey, who enjoys a 2-inch height and 2 ½-inch weight advantage over Pacquiao. “I don’t watch his tape. I never watch his tape. The only thing I know is those deadly two punches.”

Rated as a 5-1 underdog, Clottey said he felt good about it and was motivated to do even better come fight night.

Clottey said he felt happy and proud to be given the opportunity to fight the world No. 1 and be his country’s greatest fighter, ever.

Ghana’s prime boxers include Hall-of-Famer Azumah Nelson and former world champions Ike Quartey, Joseph Agbeko, David Kotei, and Alfred Kotei.

“If I win the fight, Azumah Nelson, lost to Pernel Whitaker, Ike Quarter lost to Oscar De La Hoya. And I’ll win mine. So I’m the greater one.”

The 33-year-old Clottey said he has a big, big chance of unseating Pacquiao and bring joy to the people of Ghana because he has never trained harder than ever before.


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