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Friday, March 5, 2010

Pacquiao eating sparmates

Line 'em up and Pacquiao will knock 'em all down.

With just over a week left before his big fight with Joshua Clottey, Manny Pacquiao continues to plow through his sparmates.

As Pacquiao nears 100% form, his training camp buddies are finding it more and more difficult to keep up with him.

Jamie Kavanagh, a 19-year old future pro boxer from Ireland, is the latest in the long line of work-out victims.

With an impressive 168-12 amateur record, Pacquiao made Kavanagh look like the ring amateur he still is.

"He came in a little too brave... So he comes in and Manny hits him with a good shot," said Rob Peters, head of security at the Wild Card gym, who was answering questions as gym owner and Pacquiao trainer Freddie Roach took a day off. According to Peters, Kavanagh was probably trying to make an impression, but in sparring Pacquiao had to step back a little after he "hit him with some serious shots."

Kavanagh was one of four sparring partners of Pacquiao that day, who completed 10 rounds of sparring. He worked with the same number of fighters for 12 rounds last Saturday. For this week, the number of rounds are expected to drop down to eight, six, and four rounds until they end the sessions early next week. Roach has said that he only scheduled Pacquiao, who usually spars about 150 rounds in preparation for his fights, to engage in a lessened number of rounds. This is because Pacquiao, as Roach said, did not take too long to get in shape, with his last training camp just ending in November, when he fought Miguel Cotto.

In completion of just about 110 rounds or less, Pacquiao has already worked with Brian Brooks, Dave Rodela, Ray Beltran and Jose Benavidez (2009 Golden Gloves welterweight champion), Mike Dallas, Steve Forbes, Shawn Porter, Abdulla Amidu, and Kavanagh.

"The more guys they put on him the more guys he beat up," said Peters.


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